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WE ARE HUMANITY, the Jarawa documentary


Somewhere on this planet, it still exists a secret place isolated from the rest of the world. The last untouched paradise where the first humans are still living the same way from the beginning of humankind. They are the Jarawas. There are only 400 left of them. Today, our world is going to destroy them…


The Jarawa people gave us a heavy responsibility, to spread their call for self-determination to the world. We have fund, produced & filmed "We are Humanity", a documentary filmed with the Jarawas. We filmed their life without seeking to transform it, without staging, and respected them as they are. This is their unique testimony.


We are a team of journalists, documentary film makers & producers and photographers. We have met with the Jarawa people to give them a voice. Because they are assimilated by force by the Indian government who deny them the right to talk and decide for themselves.